Testimonials from Capra Course

“The Capra Course was beyond all my expectations. I loved being part of this program, learning new things that made sense and added to what I already thought and felt. Finding this course, making contact with such incredible people who have already developed a field about what I just dreamed, was wonderful. I am very grateful and honored for the opportunity to have taken this course and for having won a scholarship for it.”

Marina Monjardim, Brazil

Ph.D. student in biology



“This course helped me grow not only in the professional aspect but in the personal aspect of my life as well. It empowered me as a professional and gave me a better understanding of the application fields. On the other hand, as a person, I realized the responsibility that we have in every action, in every daily decision, from breakfast making to shopping… Listening to Fritjof is amazing and totally nourishing to the soul and to the mind. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m glad that from now on I'm part of this amazing network of alumni.”

Sara Gómez, Colombia




“Being someone that has been involved in the arts and in the education fields for more than two decades, the lectures pushed me to think and rethink the importance of what I do… The Capra Course made me reconsider interconnections and networks in more nuanced ways: What is the role of the artist within the creative and intelligent world and the universe in which we, including artists, already exist?”


Nicolás Estévez, USA

artist, school teacher



“The conversations were very interesting in the chats and it was nice to have this sense of him being present all the time reading and replying to messages. Also, to see the diversity of the course of people from very different fields around the world brought a nice dimension to it, a sense of a network for the common good.”


Beatriz Tadema, Brazil

course facilitator at Schumacher College



“The Course forms an essential learning step for me as I am thinking of making a career in environmental studies. The learning is really useful for my interests in Water Law and Agriculture. A few simultaneous discussions on justice for plants and water bodies in an Environmental Justice course at my university helped me bring up a few lessons of the course to my classroom and also helped me observe the response. This experience was really significant as it was the first time I was trying to explain it to people who have never been exposed to a systems approach to science.”


Simranjit Singh, India

law student



“After hearing Fritjof's systemic solutions in the final lecture, I can’t help but feel the weight of my ‘ecological illiteracy’... Now I understand that recycling and carpooling is not nearly enough and that I need to rethink my way of life completely… I'm left with a sense of hope with this new perspective, that through systemic vision an unpredicted turn may manifest in my life, and also a call to personal leadership: that I may facilitate the emergence of novelty and carry it on to those around me.”

Mariano Martelletti, Argentina




“I feel that, although the course has come to an end, it is just the beginning for putting in practice the teachings and contribute to a fairer future. I am excited about keeping in touch with you and the alumni network and hopefully materialize some projects in the near future. As you may know, my country Venezuela is currently under some unfavorable circumstances. This course has given me some hope and strength to keep working and helping others.”

Sebastian Llovera, Venezuela




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