Join Fritjof Capra and explore the new systemic conception of life at the forefront of science and its applications in economics, management, politics, design, medicine, and law.

This course will give you the conceptual tools to understand the nature of our systemic problems and to recognize the systemic solutions that are already being developed by individuals and organizations around the world.

The Capra Course begins in April 2016.

Capra Course is my new online course, based on my textbook The Systems View of Life, coauthored with Pier Luigi Luisi and published by Cambridge University Press. For me, this course is the realization of a dream I have had for many years. I hope that it will serve as a model for similar multidisciplinary courses, to be offered at universities, colleges, and other institutions of learning.

— Fritjof Capra



This course consists of twelve pre-recorded lectures, with one lecture being posted each week. Each lecture is about 40 minutes long. The course includes exclusive online discussion forums in which Fritjof will participate.




All students will be able to fully interact both with Fritjof and other participants and share materials via the course forums. The number of students will be strictly limited to 200, to allow high quality interactions in our discussions.


fritjof explaining


The fees for the course are on a sliding scale, a structure which has been created in order to allow as many people to participate as possible, independent of their current income.

A small number of scholarships and fellowships are also available. Read More

The Forums

For each lecture there will be an associated forum where you can discuss the themes and ideas which Fritjof introduces, both with Fritjof himself and your fellow students. These discussions will help develop your systems thinking abilities in a multi-disciplinary environment with participants from a diverse range of backgrounds and competencies.

The emphasis is on sharing and discussing students’ own real-world case studies, projects and initiatives as well as insights gained as the course progresses.














This course comes at a very poignant time we are experiencing, with ever more complexity and chaos in the environment and in our lives. Fritjof is providing us with a new systemic and profound way of seeing and dealing with these problems and issues.

Fritjof is someone with so much knowledge and who truly lives what he is teaching. The way in which the course is formatted and sequenced is amazing, with each lesson building on the last, creating a very transformative experience.


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