Group Discounts

As well as individuals joining the Capra Course from all over the world, we also welcome groups to Capra Course who enroll together.


Groups may join from Universities or Colleges – we have had groups of students join the course who form a ‘study group’ together, as well as groups formed from University faculty and staff, who wish to learn from the Capra Course in order to teach the material to their students.


We have also welcomed groups from within organizations and corporate teams.


If you are enrolling in a group, we offer the following discounts:


  • 10% discount off each enrollment fee for groups of 10 to 20 participants, as well as a 1 hour Skype call discussion with Fritjof free of charge.


  • 20% discount off each enrollment fee for groups of over 20 participants, as well as a 1 hour Skype call discussion with Fritjof free of charge.


To enroll as a group and access these discounts, please contact [email protected] and provide the full names and email addresses of each of the members of your group. You will then be given a discount coupon to pay the reduced fee on our website/via PayPal.

Capra course group

Course Packages

In addition to the regular Spring and Fall Editions of Capra Course, which run “live” every year for a period of 12 weeks online, we also offer private editions of the entire Capra Course as a package to universities, companies, or other organizations.


This course package includes:


  • Access to the 12 pre-recorded “Systems View of Life” Capra Course lectures for a certain time period
  • Access to our online forum where your participants are able to discuss course materials with one another and their professor or course organiser
  • Conversations in person with Fritjof via Skype, in lieu of his participation in the discussion forums, to provide guidance, feedback and commentary related to your participants’ area of interest


The lectures and course materials can supplement an existing course or training, or be offered as a stand-alone course independently.


This is ideal for groups who would like to access the Capra Course lectures and materials for a certain time period, and organize them in whatever way is convenient for them.

Organizations may be interested in offering Capra Course as a training for a selection of their employees, either from the same department or across departments. In this way, Capra Course could be a useful tool for building bridges between departments and different teams from a systemic perspective.

University or college professors might be interested in using a selection of Capra Course lectures as supplements to their courses, or they might want to offer the entire Capra Course as an elective course. Another interesting idea would be for students from different departments (or even from different colleges) to take the course and use it as a springboard for collaborative projects.

We are happy to assist you in creating customised courses tailor-made to your needs, with a combination of Capra Course lectures, video calls and group discussions.

Please contact Della Duncan at [email protected]  to discuss our course packages and current rates. In your email, please specify how many people will be likely to take the course and for which time period you would need access to the course materials.