Reflections on the Spring 2018 Capra Course

We are delighted to share that we have just finished the Spring 2018 Capra Course. Participants from over 30 different counties took the course. There was intense and lively discussion on the Forum, as participants asked Fritjof questions and engaged with the course material. Overall, we received great feedback on the course.

One participant shared the following about her experience of the course:

This introduction (for me) into Systems View of Life is proving to be life-changing…

As I described on my profile and in my first (and only) post, I have no background and above all, virtually no knowledge of science and maths and so even enrolling on such a course took a lot of courage as I really didn’t think I would be up to the challenge. (I have dedicated my life to the arts – dancing, music, languages, and art).

But, I do love a challenge and I have to say I have surprised myself. Dr. Fritjof’s explanations have made the information so clear and so accessible even to beginners like me that I have begun to remove the ‘psychological block’ of ‘science isn’t for me’ and I am even realizing that perhaps this was the missing piece I have been searching for for a very long time. As the professor himself describes it, this ‘joining the dots’ and the whole idea of networks now begins to make sense to me and explains why I was experiencing a feeling of fragmentation in my life, both personal and professional. It often feels as if the lectures are written personally for me! (Of course I know they’re not).

From reading comments on the forum, I’m guessing that I’m not the only one feeling slightly overwhelmed and at times a little out of their depth with some of the discussions. Somehow though (and this is the most remarkable thing), knowing I am participating within a community of such open-minded people, because that is what the whole subject is about, is what is so comforting. I feel I have found not a ‘niche’, (because that is too narrow a description), but an all-encompassing network of like-minded, caring, deep-thinking people who are concerned about everything!

 So, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying this course, though this statement is the biggest understatement ever and as far as time will allow I look forward to being illuminated and inspired further as we continue…

With many thanks

Angela D. Kaufman”

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Silvia Di Blasio

Hello! My name is Silvia Di Blasio and I am the administrator for the Capra Course. I am available to provide you with any support you may need, including technical assistance related to using the Forum and accessing the course material. I can be reached at I wanted to also share a little bit more about my background. I have coordinated sustainability programs in higher education and worked as an educator for many years. I have a masters degree in psychology with a focus in ecopsychology and resilience. I look forward to the upcoming Capra Course. Please let me know if you have any questions about the course.