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If you have taken the Capra Course, we invite you to engage in social systems practice applying it to your local context, community and organization.

This course lab is designed as a second step of the Capra Course, in order to ground the knowledge you have learned in it and apply it to your context and organizations. These 8 online facilitated sessions give groups of up to 30 people the opportunity to put into practice the systems view of life.

This approach, based on system thinking and group facilitation, will enable participants to:

  • Apply and identify systems view of life principles in their organizations, communities and professional environments.
  • Discover conceptual maps, deepen into systems thinking for social systems and share generative conversations.
  • Examine participants' cases to be worked through applied social systems practices.
  • Ignite and support cultural change in their groups and contexts.

For more information about the Course Lab and its structure click here to see the summary of the study  .

The registration fee for the Applied Systems Thinking for Change course lab is within a range between $300 and $900 USD. We want to be as respectful to each participant's possibilities as we can, allowing for just participation. We have three options available.

  • 300 USD Low Income or Students.
  • 600 USD for public institutions workers.
  • 900 USD for Corporate Professionals and independent consultants.

This course will be Facilitated by:


Aua Plaza -

Delfina Terrado Kaehler -


Fritjof will visit the group in one or two sessions to meet the participants and do some little cont


In this video we welcome you to the Course Lab!



The Apply Systems Thinking for Change Course Lab will start in September 2024 and finish in January 2025.

Registrations are opened here!